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Diversity & Inclusivity Seminar - 28th September 2016

1st year was initiated with a small round table meeting primarily more on understanding how D&I can be made a business sense to Indian Corporates and the outcome supported the thought process of reaching out to Indian organisations primarily the Public Sector Undertakings and Public Sector Banks, who have the highest number of employees force and within them, address various

The second Year the theme was Diversity to Inclusion- Realising the ROI, seminar had a healthy debate among front runners on the “We need Diversity & Inclusion..??”, on the ongoing focus by corporations on diversity and inclusion, whether we even need it or not.

The Third year the theme is “How, now can Corporates from Internalization, externalize the efforts into main stream society for a larger visible impact“ which had officials from the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment ( DPwD) along with top Corporates discussing the impacts and business case and its impact.

The Objective:

In Today’s Corporate India – Diversity & Inclusivity has become a clear cut business sense for nurturing and retaining talent and lots of have been done in this space BUT more needs to be done and there is a long way ahead ......

The 4th Diversity & Inclusivity Seminar is taking plunge on how the Corporates will know pave the way for community investments in today’s India for empowering the youth from the main stream society

This panel discussion is an effort to understand from industry leaders, how they support community investment which is not a CSR activity.

The Outcome

Team of esteemed panellists from diverse industries would deliberate on the topic and share their experience of community investment experience. They would highlight:

  • What were the drivers that motivated them to go deeper in the sector and explore deeper collaboration with the segment
  • Which are those challenges that impacted them to take the initiative?
  • How do they support them? What corporate skills they use to positively impact the segment?
  • Has it created any impact on their internal employee culture / impacted the teams positively?
  • Share the best practices and the pitfalls to watch out for?


    Gender | Disability | GENY | LGBT